Monday, March 14, 2011

"Steel Angels"

All wars should be fought on table tops with toy soldiers. This is much cheaper, and far, far safer than the sort of thing we're doing now. It's swell fun too. Also after the battle you, and the enemy can go out for pizza.

As I mentioned somewhere I'm only a "part-time" Pacifist. Depends on my mood, and the weather. Don't get in my face during heat waves, no really,..don't.

Anyway I've taken my Military Blog, "Steel Angels", out of mothballs where it's been for a few years. I've starting posting stuff there again so have a look if you're so inclined to that sort of thing.

Don't worry it's not that nuts.


graymogul said...

Wargaming or Kriegspieling with lead soldiers is educational. It gives a person some knowledge of military tactics and strategies.
Unfortunately, the folks in the Obama Administration are ignorant as to how geography can affect military operations. If only some of them had wargamed Afrika Korps or one of the other World War II games about combat in the North African desert.
Tanks and fast moving artillery are the kings and queens of the desert chessboard. Libyan rebels armed with rifles and rocket-propelled grenades are in the open with no ground cover. Moamar Ghaddaffi's tanks and artillery can stay beyond the range of the rebels' weapons and destroy them till they turn and run for the Egyptian border.
All this talk of a "no fly zone" is nonsense. NATO and the west are impotent unless they are willing to give tanks and heavy guns to the rebels. Liberals can be so ignorant about military matters.

Anonymous said...

"Liberals can be so ignorant about military matters."

So tragically true.