Thursday, March 24, 2011

"End Time Opportunities"

Boy where does fantasy end, and nightmare realities begin. This 21st century seriously sucks.

Wow shows what happens when you over sleep. I have been too. Early spring fever I guess. Anyway I can't help, but note that the geo-political stability of a big chunk of the world has gone to hell.

There's folks in my 'hood looking to by them pills for radiation sickness. Amazing what a little media fear mongering can do. I tell my neighbors it's more likely that they'll be the next host of the "Tonight Show" than get the slightest wiff of any Japanese gamma rays.

They ignore me, and run down the street screaming about the end of da world insurance, and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

If I'd been awake'n thought about it I might have set up a table on Flatbush Avenue with all sorts of bottles filled with brightly covered pills,...aka jelly beans. That, and handy family sized six-packs of anti-radiation juice,...Kool-Aid.

Damn! Missed out again.

Aw well there's always a chance that L.A. might slide into the ocean. I could use them jelly beans,..I mean anti-radiation pills as anti-earthquake pills. That, and my Y-2K supply of beef jerky as end-time emergency suppositories.

Of Course I'm making Jokes about it! What the Bleep else can we Do!

Good bleeping grief!! Our collective unconscious saw it coming, and even made a movie about. This shit wasn't no coincidence. Aw man! We are living in seriously interesting times.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Where the hell are we supposed to follow you now that you've had so many of your blogs nuked? We search for guidance from you Uncle Sid.

Uncle 2012 said...

"All good things..."