Monday, March 21, 2011

"Take Out"

Oh Boy! Potato product meat product substance, and green fuzz! My favorites!

Wow! Now this is why I love the Emerald City. If it exists it's somewhere in town. You want curry bar-b-q, and re-fried beans to go, problem. I'll take two.

For years take out food was a way of life, and massive fat builder for me.

However now I cook veggie stews, and soup, thanks Nurse Pickles!, and have cut the meat by 80%. Who the hell can afford it anymore. Heck I'm losing a bit of weight for the first time in decades. I thought there was something wrong with my clothes.

Turns out I was shrinking into them.

Good grief!

I still do the take out mambo from time to time! I tell ya A better diet or the New Great Depression will make the pounds melt off,...take ya pick.

Mind you when the petrol, and clean water, and food runs out this town is going to get seriously interesting. Btw I have a pal that's for real stocking up ammo, and supplies for the Great Fall. Till then lets eat!

Then little radish folks went through 'all' that just for you. So the least ya can do is eat'em. Com'on you've had more serious stuff in ya mouth than this! Well alright you can wash this down with magic shruums, but eat ya damned radishes!

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