Monday, March 21, 2011

"25% of U.S. Kids in Poverty"

No not just the Black ones. The Black kids have been poor forever. Usually at 60%+, but who cares. No I'm talking white kids. Ya know the ones everybody wants to help. Anyway by the numbers 25% of the kids in this country is poor.

This don't count the ones that have been poor for *18 months. After that deadline like the unemployed none of them are counted anymore.

So if ya adds them 'all' in lets call it 30/35% of the kids in this country are eating off food stamps.

*Not everyone qualifies. Apparently being poor'n hungry ain't enough to get government stamps or cards.

The same food stamps the Republicans want to either drastically cut back or abolish.

I just thought I'd mention this.

Btw the Republicans just voted to de-fund all of Public Broadcasting. So I guess you won't be hearing much about any of this anymore. Damn we won't be seeing "Dr. Who" anymore either.

True if our President or Democrats in general had spines something might be done, but,...well you know.

Btw welcome to the United States of American in the 21st century. Man! This End-of-Empire stuff is a scary bitch.

Stay Tuned,...if you Dare!


There's an old show biz saying, "Never go on stage with a dog or a cute kid!) They'll get all the attention.

Not anymore.

We seem to hate our kiddies these days. We ain't too sure about Fido either. Ya know it occurs to me. Would the republican cut food off for dogs. They might not. They like dogs. Probably more than kids.

Humm, be an interesting referendum.

How would Orange County vote on the food for dogs ballot. Fido might come out okay. Especially if there's some good pro-dog political ads showing how nasty, and dangerous kids are, and how cute puppies can be.

Hell I might vote for Sparky over some free-loading hoodlum kids myself.

Yep I think we have a winner.

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