Thursday, March 17, 2011


The remodeling of a certain statue for a new era. "The Statue of Security!"

"Right now strip, and walk through the scanners!"

"Any resistance will be considered obstruction of justice, a felony! Punishable by 25 to life!"

I wish this was a bad joke. ain't


edpacht1 said...

Yes, let's export American "democracy" to the rest of the world.


Bodmin said...

Why isn't the UN approving a No-Fly zone for north-west Pakistan to protect the civilians there from the drones being sent in by the POS - I mean, the PoUS - and Commander in Chief?
Oh, silly me, I should have known.
Me bad for even asking...

Zaek said...

Naughty Bodmin! Bad, bad!

Uncle 2012 said...

Yeah what's your problem?! Can't you see how hard the boss is trying to bring democracy to them poor Pakistanis.

Like I said next time I'm voting for my sister. She keeps her word.

Btw if she don't want the job I'll vote for one of my dolls. They're at least cute, and couldn't do worse.

Bodmin said...


The following is a transcript of a message from B. Obama to the White House, 190311, 20 hours EST:

"Yo, Michelle baby! Could you hunt up that leather flight jacket Dubbya left behind in the Oval Office when he vacated? I'm gonna need it - The Pentagon tells me that by the time I get back from my visit to "the Halls of Montazuma" they are going to be ready for me to celebrate the liberation of the people of Libya on an aircraft carrier off the "shores of Tripoli"! Gotta love them Marines! Love you too, baby, see you soon, B."