Monday, March 21, 2011

"Too Much!"

Holy crap here we go again,...'careful what ya wish for comrades!

This makes Three!, Count'em. Three Wars at once for us.

Sure I want that evil murderous bastard hung by his single ball, but still,..ya know.

Look I'm not doing the Libya war or the Nippon melt-downs tonight. It's just too much so I'm being silly instead.

If the damned planet don't blow up, and if the giant spider people from Neptune don't invade I'll be serious, and depressing for you in a few daze.


Zaek said...

If I can't time warp to 1967 then I want to go to the Bunny Planet right now.

Bodmin said...


The following is a transcript of a message from B. Obama to the White House, 190311, 20 hours EST:

"Yo, Michelle baby! Could you hunt up that leather flight jacket Dubbya left behind in the Oval Office when he vacated? I'm gonna need it - The Pentagon tells me that by the time I get back from my visit to "the Halls of Montazuma" they are going to be ready for me to celebrate the liberation of the people of Libya on an aircraft carrier off the "shores of Tripoli"! Gotta love them Marines! Love you too, baby, see you soon, B."

Uncle 2012 said...


I could say I'm not surprised, but you already know that.

Zaek said...

To Bodmin et al, I FINALLY got me a new addy. Check it out.

As you'll see it's another clef-a-roman: only this time I decided to be the villain, since they always get the best lines.