Saturday, March 12, 2011

"When the Meds don't Work"

I was feeling nuts, and Anxious the other night so I built a model of London Bridge.


Bodmin said...

Er, That's Tower Bridge, not London Bridge.

Uncle 2012 said...

Yeah okay, Brooklyn Bridge, Tower Bridge. A bridge's a bridge especially when I build it on my dinner table.

...hummm, London Bridge.

Okay I'll build that when my meds crap out again,...which could happen any time.

Zaek said...

Nice bridge! I'll take a top floor suite on the tower furthest from Godzilla.

Chris Albertson said...

Didn't London Bridge fall down....again and again?

Zaek said...

Yeah, they must have built it on landfill.

Uncle 2012 said...

Speaking of landfill that exactly what the Brooklyn Bridge, and alot of lower Manhattan is built on.

I happened upon a map of pre-industrial Manhattan island. It's really mostly marsh, streams, and ponds down at the tip,..still is under the skyscrapers.

That, and about a quarter of the land below 14th street along the shores is now landfill. One day nature will reclaim it's balance, and the natural coastline re return.

Not so good for out little radio station since we're in fact about four blocks out into the original river.