Thursday, April 8, 2010

"Beats Cat Piss!"

Granted Coca Cola oppresses it's workers, exploits Third World countries, and straiffs peasants with Killer Cola gunships,..or so I've been told. But there's nuthin' like a frosty Coke on a Hot stinky climate changed April day for the pause the refreshes.

They removed the Coke machine from our radio station a while ago in a fit of doctrinaire correctness. I've never met so many people that hated their own country so much. Anyway they replaced it with a Pepsi machine.

Pepsi also bleeps over their workers, and exploits it's overseas sources. They may not have any of them killer gunships though. Anyway commies are morons.

Above is a clip, and fold Coke machine,..don't say I never gave you nothing. Click on it to enlarge print a copy. Cut it out, fold, tape or paste, and you'll never be lonely again.


Zaek said...

But it still rots your teeth, so remember to brush & floss.

I read recently that out of a variety of good health habits, flossing extends life expectancy by 4.6 years, easily twice as much as regular exercise does. Apparently it keeps down disease-causing oral bacteria.

Uncle 2012 said...

I could say when faced with a platter of cream puffs, "Who wants to live forever?"

On the other hand every day above ground is a 'good' day!

Zaek said...

I didn't say don't eat the cream puffs. Just brush after.

I'll have an almond croissant with my coffee.

Zaek said...

And I *did* have an almond croissant this very day! Yummy!