Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Cathedral of St. John Divine"

These neat guys took me in one grim cold night back when I was homeless. "I was hungry, and you fed me, I was homeless, and you gave me shelter."

Not only did they talk the talk, but they did in fact walk the walk.

(Click, then click again on photos to supersize'em!)

Above is a short video I took in their court yard the next day. (...note the Angel wings.)


kinkynik said...

I wonder how many impish little choir boys have shook their tushes and seduced the clergy in this place ?

Will said...

What a beautiful place.

I remember when I wondered why the intellectuals of NAMBLA seemed to be the Catholic Priests. Guess we are finding out now and figuring out that good is gone.

It seems to me we went through a time of oppression like this before. It was called the Counter Reformation. Remember? The Inquisition. Now the tables have turned so to speak. The Church is the focus of an Inquisition. Guess what goes around comes around even if it took over 400 years. Both Inquisitions: Wrong Headed and Violent.

We will figure a way forward. Remember? The Universe is expanding at an ever expanding rate. We must look forward not backward. Backward does no good. Forward does good. We can invent whole new worlds.

Those are beautiful pictures with such a nice video Sidney -- and they took you in when you needed taking in and we love you in this time of your need.

Lino said...

"I remember when I wondered why the intellectuals of NAMBLA seemed to be the Catholic Priests."

Those "intellectuals" have bankrupted many a parish with their deeds, catholic schools are closing all over the place and churches torn down.

The Catholic church has payed out over two billion dollars to victims who I guess just didn't get the "beauty" of what was done to them.

"Nambla"=child rapists.

You can cutesy it up all you want, but rape is what it is.

Uncle 2012 said...

No matter what I post lately, here or my other blogs rage happens in the comments.

Please, calm.