Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So I'm taking more vacation time for a change. I'm still freaked out from everybody I know deciding to drop dead this winter. They went, and beat me to it. Just swell. Thanks a lot guys!

Anyway I put in for some of my years of backed up vacation daze. I'd like to go to Disney World in Florida. Umm too far,..and expensive. Maybe Philadelphia to see an old radio pal.

Btw the you ever notice how Philadelphia is spelled like someone just juggled a box of letters'n dumped them out? It was that damned Norman invasion the blew the hell out of the English language ya know.

Them French bastards came over, and put all these silent letters in everything so now not one person in 10 million can spell to save their lives over here. Don't tell me about them spelling "Bee" kids neither,...they're probably French!

One day I'll be dragged away by the guys in white coats. I'll be bug eyed, drooling, and screaming, "...1066! 1066!"

1066 Normans disguised as G.I.s invade England

"The Normans!"

"The frigg'n bastard Normans!!"

"They did it, they did it all"

"Doom, Doom, I tell you!"

"1066 is the true sign of the beast!!"

"Beware, Beware!!!"

'But I digress.

Bleep it I live in the Capital of the World so I'll just go to Times Square, and see a movie.


Sion said...

'Btw the you ever notice how Philadelphia is spelled like someone just juggled a box of letters'n dumped them out? It was that damned Norman invasion the blew the hell out of the English language ya know.'

- I think you are being rather hard on the Normans by blaming Philadelphia on them, or even the spelling of Philadelphia. None of the Normans who invaded Britain in 1066 would have had a knowledge of Greek, and I don't think they were at all enthusiastic about brotherly love.

Sion said...

.....and just supposing that Harald Hardrada hadn't got one in the eye from one of those Norman archers, and the day ended with a victory for the that the 'purity' of the Germanic Saxon mothertongue had been preserved.....

.....and just supposing William Penn had still put his Quaker dream into practice, but this time with a 'pure' Englisc name, you would have to cope with a jaw cruncher like brodorliclufu. I will write that again: BRODORLICLUFU.

And you really think that would be easier for American kids to spell?

Uncle 1950 said...

Ehh, I see ya point.

That Saxon noise is pretty brutal,.."Brodorrliclufu", good grief.

'But we should invade France anyway!

Ask any 'real' American which would be more fun, peace, and economic justice for all or blowing the hell out of France?!

I rest my case.

kinkynik said...


I think Sion is right the spelling of Philadelphia can't be blamed on the Frogs.

But rage for the sake of rage is always amusing and keeps the heart beating.

wtf is a "real" american ?

I've no major philosophical objection to blowing the hell out of the French but I am fussy about my allies.

We have a little saying

" France is a beautiful country shame it's full of French people."

Anonymous said...

Hey Sid!!!! Lighten up-I'm French!!!! Or french Canadian, anyway. You think French it tough, try Polish, or Finnish, or even closer to home, Welsh, May I buy a boatload of vowels, please??LOL.

Seriously, everybody comes from somewhere, and mjost of the "English" so snooty about the mother country came from somewhere else....there's lots of blame to go around.

Besides, if you don't lay off us froggies, I'll pray that the ghosts of a graveyard full of elderly French Canadian nuns rises up to haunt you, led by my four great aunts!

Mr. Chips

Anonymous said...

The English are the most disgusting people on earth and followed closely by the Americans.
Thank you for your time.
Vive la France!

kinkynik said...

anon did'nt get the joke, I think his response rather proves the point.

Well froggy at least we wash more than once a season.

Mr Chips, our gene pool got thoroughly mixed up to 1066 and has been fairly stable since then.
We are descended from the most war-like and successful tribes of Europe, probably explains why we like a fight.