Monday, April 5, 2010

"Comrades Attention!"

Well you pervert comrades that is. I see that you really need a space to rant, and go nuts on,..okay. I've set up yet 'another' blog for this purpose. That's rant, not assault okay?

So go over to "Juno 2012". (...see the links list.)This blog started life as my fantasy s/f page, but I lost interest, and left it drifting in the cyber currents for over a year. When it became clear I needed to put you swell folks somewhere I dug up this old site.

So have at it, and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I tried to transfer your comments from Sydneyland, but it wouldn't all go over.

So you'll have to start from scratch over there.

Zaek said...

When you open the new site, I say we should throw a party replete with dancing boys scantily clad.

Anonymous said...

Zaek, for the first time I find myself in wholehearted agreement with you.

Will said...

Sounds FUN -- Makes me SMILE.

Zaek said...

Sidney, I tried posting a comment on your recycled queer blog, and it's not showing. Any idea what's up with that?

Zaek said...

Okay, the comment registered. I posted a couple image links there that people might like. Here's another one:

its me said...

Hey Zaek, those are great. But you know the halagaace one is going to drive Lino up the wall becuz it's an old geezer getting ready to do a number on the young boy.

Anyway, if we are going to give everything its due, I still say the real destroyers of children are the parents who make them suffer being born which even the psychoanalysts call the "birth trauma" from which nobody ever recovers! It's a real bummer, this poor baby popped out into the world without any consent on his part, all the while kicking and screaming bloody murder! Getting born must be the even more wicked than getting waterboarded! And it is murder becuz anybody who gets born is immediately sentenced to death. If he didn't get popped out he would never have to have known suffering and then die. Now that is really a crime for which no punishment is too great. Then on top of all that violence of popping out the babies who never asked to get born in the first place, there are too many of the fucking little things all over the place anyway. It is overpopulation that is the root of every crisis in the modern world which looks like its going to be the end of civilization. Wars, famine, pollution, murders, rising seas, psychotic crazies everywhere you turn. It's the boy lovers who are looking more and more like the only sane ones left!
Holy shit. I just wanted to put this baby popping shit into perspective! And they call this "a blessed event". Oh my aching asshole! The vocabulary they are using has no connection to reality any more. Baby popping as "a blessed event". Now there's a load of shit if I ever heard one!

Anonymous said...

So, it's you have a solution???

Mr. Chips

Zaek said...

I have a solution. We must promote pederastic homosexuality. It's our social and environmental duty!

To get us started on that, here are some promotional images. Of course some people may find them extremely upsetting:

Uncle 2012 said...

"I have a solution. We must promote pederastic homosexuality."

Yeah that'll go over like making cat piss the national drink.

Will you guys get real.

And another thing will you take all our pervert stuff over the the new Queer channel I set up for this very activity.

Christs sakes my aged auntie reads this page.

Zaek said...

Oh, sorry, I'd forgotten about that. Umm... Does she really?

Zaek said...

So you don't think cat piss will sell well?

Uncle 2012 said...

Well okay my various aunties are in Heaven,..I think. However I'm sure they're reading my stuff anyway.

So behave.

As for the general reluctance of most folks to embrace cat piss as their favorite refreshing drink. I think we just have to accept that this is a non-starter.

Granted India has had 'some' success with cow piss.

However I'm afraid most westerners still seem off put with urine, and fecal matter generally. Especially as soft drinks, and fast food.

Still, research continues.

Anonymous said...

So Zaek, when we go over to the last two sites you mentioned we are getting this message:
Error 503 Service Unavailable

Service Unavailable
Guru Meditation:

XID: 1590648470

Uncle 2012 said...

Zaek, and Anon folks seem to be getting through to the Juno, and Angel blogs. About 150 or so at Juno, less at Angel.

Less there because of the content I think. It's semi-religious.

Although for a moment the other day I did see the "Service Unavailable" thingy for a moment.

I don't know what's that's about. A blocking attempt or regular blogspot bleep-up I don't know.

Is anybody out there still not able to get through to my various pages?

Anonymous said...

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