Sunday, April 4, 2010


So a new season, and new possibilities. Even at this somewhat late date I'm trying to figure this life stuff out.

Fragile as it is.

Hint, laffing is more fun than anything else. Even more more than putting small poodles into your microwave to watch them explode. (...I'm kidding,..mostly.)

Being pissed off, and miserable is just a habit like anything else. So when you feel it coming on go out, and have dinner with a pal. Better yet make them pay.

Another thing don't buy that damned compressed sawdust furniture. It's nothing, but mouse, and bug food. Them little bastards get into the house nest in your digs, and spend the winter eating your glue based sawdust stuff.

Who the hell came up with this stupid crap anyway.

I was in Macys the other day pricing bookcases, and such when I notices it's all made out'a sawdust. The useless junk was pricey as hell too!

Forget about it!

I'll make my own shit. At least them Ikea kits use 'real' wood!

On the bright side I'm coming out of my year long post-homeless funk, and starting to make trouble again. I'm working on the one guy play about my adventures again. That, and I'm working on my other art stuff.

My life is coming back,..kind'a.

Heck I'm even thinking about giving that Obama guy another chance.

Stay tuned.


John said...

Hey Sid,
whats up with Sion`s
blog ?
Can`t go get in there
any more.

Zaek said...

I was at Macy's a few weeks ago for the first time in years. Waiting for someone, I hung out in the furniture department. I loved it. I want to live in Macy's bedding department and surround myself with Lalique glassware.

Zaek said...

Oh, yeah - you're right: presdwood sucks dog poop. If you can't get the fine stuff, at least go for plywood. It's far more durable.