Saturday, April 24, 2010


I almost forgot. I'm seeing more people getting arrested these days. It's becoming noticable. Nothing dramatic or violent.

Folks are being busted for little things. Begging on private property, sneaking onto the trains, stealing in supermarkets. That sort of stuff.

Basically "crimes" by poor people.

So far I've seen no bankers cuffed, and dumped into the System. You know the saying. You steal a thousand dollars you get 20 years. You steal a Billion they make you a partner.


Zaek said...

That sounds awful. Since trends that begin in NYC often sweep the whole country, I won't be surprised if I start seeing that sort of thing around here, though I hope not. I suspect it's another sign of the United States completing the process of becoming a 3rd world country. It sure as hell ain't what I want, but it might be what we get.

BTW, is that photo for real? What's the context there? It looks vaguely familiar, like you might have posted it or something like it once before.

Anonymous said...

As times get bad this sort of thing happens. It happened during the Great Depression.

Chain gangs flourished back then gawd know what will happen now. We have more folks behind bars than anybody else on earth.

Good lawd it looks bad.

As for the photo yeah I've used it before.

It depicts kiddies being put through the "System". That is busted, photographed, finger printed, and put into holding cages.

All this to scare them into respecting the law. The program is called "Scared Straight".

It was originally intended for older teens, but some states use it on much younger kids as you can see.

Am I the only one that thinks these children will grow up with an abiding fear, and raging hatred for all authority after this?

Anonymous said...

It all helps keep the terror level up.

" and raging hatred for all authority after this "

Let us hope so, because that is going to be the only way out of this state controlled mess.

Anonymous said...

Makes no difference how great the rage is against the power of the status quo since they always end up with another authority figure frequently worse than the last.
Everybody goes out of their way to find a punishing father. It's one of the great unresolved forces of the human psyche. It's a fucking mess and there is no way out. It may be a depressing prospect, but it is the only one.

Lino said...

"Am I the only one that thinks these children will grow up with an abiding fear, and raging hatred for all authority after this?"

This is the sort of crap authoritarian southern and western states do. Honestly though, I don't think those kids will suffer any from this, as kids we would have thought of this as a sort of adventure...but our parents would never have allowed it.

However in your fair borough we have "Jail Playground"

When I was a kid (back in the 1960s) several playgrounds had a tall two story structure in the shape of a rocket ship. The outsides were strips of galvanized metal..very much like a jail, and that was what we used it for. We put girls in there :-)

Bodmin said...

Notice how the pigshit who issued the photo have so thoughtfully fuzzed out the face of the boy next to the cop, so no pee-dough-phile can identify him and track him down and molest him!