Thursday, April 8, 2010

"Moon over Manhattan"

A sultry harvest moon in April.'s the end of the world.

The moon as seen through the city's heat haze. Click on it to enlarge. I kept meaning to shoot the moon on all them clear cold nights,..too late for that till next winter I guess. This is like snow in August.

Come to think of it, didn't this happen last spring as well. I think I posted crap like this then. Yeah we had a heat wave last April as well. I didn't like it then either.

Stay cool.

Btw the Depression continues. I've noticed more evictions, and assorted chaos on the streets. On Easter gangs descended on Times Square, and attacked the tourists. Four were shot, they lived though. Shades of the 1970's, and 80's when this city was a violent hell hole.

As the economy continues to die expect more madness like this. One thing all agree on is that the bankers that caused this need to be hanged. They should be decorating the lamp posts all along Wall Street, and up Broadway.

Give the crows fresh eyeballs for lunch.

I'm a pacifist, and I think this evil mayhem sometimes. Imagine what them folks that have just lost everything or are about to are thinking.

I have a feeling things are gonna get 'real' interesting around here soon.


kinkynik said...

Hanging bankers is not the answer Sydney, they were only getting away with what the system let them.

They were smarter than the regulators who did'nt understand what was going on.

That's what happens when you have a moron for a president.

Anonymous said...

True, violence is never an answer. I repent the hanging stuff.

I was just having an emotional fit.

Perhaps a better chastisement for the crooked bankers would be to give all their ill-gotten goods to the evicted.

That or 25 years of high school, with no shop, field trips or study hall. ...ummm, no that's 'too' cruel.

We could do some Stalinist show trials where they tearfully,(..or else), confess their crimes, and assorted fast ones.

That is them, the out to lunch regulators, and the members of a certain Presidential Administration.

It's should be broadcast on CSPAN, and they all have to wear dune caps, and or clown suits with big red noses, and floppy shoes.

After that they can go home, and live in shame.

Uncle 2012 said...

Okay maybe we should just do the "Truth, and Reconciliation" routine. That seems to work. Nobody has to get shot either.

Zaek said...

Bankers did what their economic ideology told them to. They're still sucking up all the wealth they can get at the expense of others, and to the ruin of all. They're far from innocent. But having had my own emotional fit lately over the notion of slaughtering people, I don't think I'll go down that path. It wouldn't fix the situation.

I haven't heard people talking like that around here yet, but then I haven't been listening to my neighbors lately, and also it's not as hot as that yet here. Truth and Reconciliation seems to have worked in South Africa, but I doubt we'll do anything so sensible. I'm afraid the economy will continue to shrink. We're in for a bad time.

Anonymous said...

Kinkynik, the regulators were the bankers. Where the fuck do you think Rubin, Summers and Geithner came from?

And which moron president are you talking about, Clinton who got rid of Glass-Steagall, Bush who sat back and watched, or Obama who refuses to reign in any of the excesses the former two made possible and in fact is extending those very excesses.

Or maybe you mean your own Tony Blair who kissed their asses while raking in a cool quid or two in the process?

Zaek said...

I think they've ruined us worse than we realize. I think very severe and lasting poverty is coming our way: not just to America, but to the whole industrialized world, soon to be the de-industrialized world. The only thing we'll have enough of - in fact far too much of - is people, with all that that implies for the value of human labor. The prospect we face is the third-worldization of everywhere.

Zaek said...

A bit more about the glut of people. As many are blissfully unaware, slavery is still practiced on three continents. Throughout history the average price of a slave has been surprisingly consistent: in present-day terms, about forty thousand dollars. What is the average price of a human being today? About fifty dollars.

To modify my comments about de-industrialization: actually, that process will be gradual. But it will visibly begin to unfold in our lifetimes.

Anonymous said...

And I think we are watching it right now Zaek.

Citizen X 2012 said...

I eally want to say something positive here, but I can't think of anything.

'Least not anything that will actually be done. However I'll get back to you all on this.

Btw I meant to write "Dunce Cap". As in 19th century forms of chastisement for unruly schoolboys.

This as opposed to tasers.

Zaek said...

Since the gloom and doom seem to be stacking up here, I'll pile on another brick. Pastries afterward.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zaek, Kunstler is ok, but only that. His buddy Orlov is better.
To Kunstler's credit is the fact that he has armed himself to the teeth and is getting ready for a ho down. Orlov seems very much the intellectual gentleman floating around in his New Haven Sharpie. His art is in cultivating some real tough friends to help him when all the fun begins, and also he can just weigh anchor and sail out of harm's way. Clever dude.