Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Just Checking"

Yeah the 9/11 Ground Zero site is still a hole in the ground. Btw it'll be nine years this fall. To tell the truth I don't think I care that much about any of that memorial stuff anymore.

If it went up as it was supposed to maybe. However too many years, and too much history has gone by. Not to mention a war against the 'wrong' country that has now lasted longer than Viet-Nam. The Iraq blood bath that used 9/11 as an excuse to get started.

What a mess.

Above is the latest idea for a memorial park. It's should be ready in 2015 or 2025 or the year 5000. Like the saying goes, "...Rome wasn't built in a day,...because of the unions."

I guess the only good thing is that the "memorial" park will give the downsized, and homeless a place to sleep at night. That is if the cops don't shoot them. After all got to keep things tidy for the tourists.

If things keep going south in this sad fucked up country I imagine I'll be sleeping under them trees. (Again if I don't get shot.)


John said...

Don`t worry BO is on the job now !

Lino said...

I personally am sick of ceremonies and memorials over this attack. We are wallowing and it just amplifies their awful achievement.

The best approach is to lay waste to a country or two over there, colonize them and build those fascistic monstrosities back up.

Leave the Afghans with a decade of bombing and torture and it will stand as lesson for the rest.

That is all those child rapers and wife beaters understand so, make it horrible enough and they'll never want to see us again. This is how their leaders have always governed them and how their enemies have conquered them..Forget "civilizing" them, it won't take.

Uncle 2012 said...

Lino my friend, you seem much angrier than you were.

Lino said...

" Uncle 2012 said...
Lino my friend, you seem much angrier than you were."

Sorry about that Uncle. this debacle has played out far too long and it stems from the fact that we seem to wallow in victim-hood and "hero" worship these days. The WTC site is somewhat cursed in that it was facilitated by the violent eviction of radio row store owner in '65-66 in which two old Russian shopkeepers were dragged into the street during the night by "marshals" and promptly died of heart attacks right there.

The Rockefellers were stuck with a piece of undesirable property that they were determined to cash-in by passing it off to the P-A for this project. Ironically, when after nearly thirty years of low occupancy the place finally became profitable our moron Governor and that B- Whitman sold it off to a sleazy landlord.

As for Arabs, well, there peoples of the third world that are rough-hewn but fundamentally decent ie: most of east Asia, much of Africa and Latin America, there are other areas such as the Arab diaspora where the male dominated culture so poisons minds from early-on that males feel entitled to exploit anyone considered weaker and unable to extract revenge for their mistreatment.

As a nation, we and our allies have spent close to a trillion dollars, had thousands of young lives killed and ruined by injury with little more than a hopeful "exit strategy" to show for it.

Since the West is too civilized to inflict the kind of barbaric action that would be needed to colonize and subdue these nations,
we might as well have bombed the shit out of Afghanistan for a year and left it as cratered example to the whole region.

Iraq had the kind of leader it has always had and will again...soon.