Saturday, April 24, 2010

"Moon Shot"

Two more moon shots from my bedroom window. It's cloudy tonight so the Sydneyland Observatory has closed it's sky windows.

Sorry don't have infrared yet so like our 16th century hero Galileo Galilei I have to find another past time for rainy nights. Btw the resolution of my little sony is about what Galileo had. Just barely enough to make out luna surface features. Click on the photos, and see.

Anyway I hope for a clear sky when the moon is full in a few days. If so Sydneyland Observatory is back in business.

Stay Tuned.


Will said...

Yes, I understand that Galileo hung out at Palazzo Madama - Cardinal Del Monte's Palace - at the same time our Caravaggio was there. Wonder how they affected each other? Cardinal Del Monte was a lover of the Sciences and the Arts. Bet he would have taken you in for a night or two Sidney: Nice Thought.

Uncle 1950 said...

I'm sure the Cardinal would have. He'd probably see me as a Moorish scholar from the far future.

Oh the wine,and conversations we would have had.

Galileo would be interested in my digital camera, and the images from Hubble I have stored in it.

Perhaps I'd ask Caravaggio what the deal with the model for his "Love Victorious" is all about. That, and is the Pope involved.

Humm, maybe I'll develop this into a short story.

Will said...

A Story -- I love it. Galileo and Caravaggio lived in a time of "The Moral Squalor of The Moral Leaders" much like now. I am not talking about the present Pope.

You can see the Palazzo Madama, Cardinal Del Monte's Palace still exists. Actually now it is the home of the Senate of the Italian Republic. When I first looked at on Google Maps I wondered what all the Security Cameras and Loitering Police were about.

I would suggest watching Derek Jarman's film Caravaggio. At the suggestion of someone else a few months ago I watched it and then remembered I had some books on Caravaggio in my library. Wow! I found no less than 5 books. One I would not recommend: "Caravaggio's Secrets" - the author's trash and minimize Caravaggio much like the moral leaders of art in Caravaggio's own time did. What a bunch of assholes. In fact that is pretty much what Caravaggio and his allies called their own moral leaders. It is all in the court records of his time and place: Rome. Pretty much what Caravaggio would call this Leno guy who speaks against us in such a derogatory way. Caravaggio might have even used that sword he carried around and used.

I choose being on the side of the art master we love: Caravaggio and the film master Jarman who was one of our great modern queers. You will get a kick of how Jarman portrayed Cardinal Del Monte in his film. It is making me smile as I type this sentence.

I am looking forward to your story Sidney you " Moorish scholar from the far future".