Saturday, August 8, 2009

"Angels, and Door Knobs"

Most people see the Virgin Mary or her kid on buttered bagels or in ham sandwiches. Me I go one better I see Angels next to my hat rack, and in my bathroom doorknob.

Hey ya can't make this stuff up. There I was minding my own business when natures calls, and I heads to my facilities. This is when I notices my bathroom door knob ablaze with celestrial fire,...or something.

To add insult to injury I spotted an Angel hanging around my coat stand.

Now back in the day when I was all holy' stuff. I'd be running around in the street with my underwear on my head juggling burning flares proclaiming the "End of Daze",..again.

However in these times of sober rationality I figure,...fuck it. These apparitions will either give me winning lotto numbers or they'll just go away.

They went away.

(Click on the images see for yourself. I figure they're bounce reflections from somewhere since the sun was mostly down. On the other hand...)

On the up side Manya my Witch pal set up my HDTV! I love that contraption. Everything looks great. I even spent an hour today watching these rich white guys wacking little balls into holes with funny sticks.

It was amazing. Everyone seemed to be taking this so seriously.

It was brought to us by some bug killer company. So every few minutes while watching these weird old guys with their sticks there'd be all these roaches, and rats.

Wow. The picture was so clear, and sharp it looked like the evil little guys were actually crawling on my tv.

The realism is fantastic.

If this HDTV jazz will do that for insects I can hardly wait to watch porn on this thing!


Zaek said...

Right. Let's hope it won't be insectoporn.

I love those glass doorknobs. There are ways to locate the source of the light hitting that one. One is to put your eye where the doorknob is (more or less) and scan around for the source. Another is to hold a piece of paper there and move it around, catching the beam until you get a fix on its direction. Smoke or steam might catch and reveal it as well.

On the other hand, maybe it's better to just let the mystery be.

kinkynik said...

Holy Smoke Batman.

poetreader said...

My grandmother had a doorknob like that. More than once it caught light from somewhere (I think through a mirror or two, and diffracted it, so that there was a large circle of rainbow light on the wall near it. Wish I had a picture of that.


Kris said...

The only true "HiDef" that's ever been on mine is my son's XBox. Awesome graphics btw. But will pass on the bugs. Porn otoh?