Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Signal Shifts"

Sorry gang, but I'm a bit ill,..I think. Well not ill exactly. Just weak. Fuzzy. I think it may be a combination of the oppressive heat, and some spider bites.


...and swell they did btw. Anyway I think I'll just stay in bed for a while with the a/c up high.

Also I have pressing personal/health problems so I may have to shut all my blogs down for a few months.

Stay tuned for now.


Zaek said...

I hope you feel better soon Sidney.

In case of blog obliteration, I'm posting my addy for Bodmin, as per his remarks in an earlier post.

Norman said...

Yes, get well soon Sidney!

Cannibal said...

Tread carefully, my good Uncle.
Please keep us informed. Hug the air conditioner, there's only another week of this hot-mug.

A better day, and better health to you my good man!

Poetreader said...

awaking in the night

in the night
in flashing colors
unformed lines
where beauty forms
and Satan lurks
casting temptation
in my bed
under my sheets
where life emerges from the spot
where mystery slowly comes to view
and shines
and by the light that is its own
allures to sin
and in the image of the one who makes
and molds and shapes
from earth the vision that comes forth
innocent until he lays his glory down
then suffers horrible sins
between the groin
a boy walks
to lure and sin
and flowers die
in the morning of the earth
and all
for now
is forever lost

ed pacht

R K W said...

Get Well Soon!