Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Unofficial Species"

This is a Cobbly. These folks are one of them unofficial species that didn’t get into the zoology books. Sort of like them Yeti guys, Greys, Mothmen or Faeries.

Btw Cobbly’s are a distant relation to Faeries,..very distant. This ‘cause they ain’t as nice. These folks eat everything in your fridge when you’re at class or work.

They use up your phone, buy junk with your credit cards, and multiply like virus’s.

On the upside they’re seriously cute, and sleep most of the time. The furry specimen above answers to the name “Hotpoint”.

That's the brand of the empty refrigerator box I found him in when I was 12. I’m pushing 60, and he’s still hanging around me.

He,..(?), or whatever hasn’t aged much. No one knows even if the do. Like I say these guys never been on any National Geographic Special I heard of.

As I mentioned on one my various sites. Cobbly’s eat bugs, sleep,…alot, watch t.v. as above, and sing opera highlights. Hotpoint especially likes Carmen.

He loudly sings snatches of Bizet’s “Carmen” all the time to the consternation of my low brow, reality tv watch'n neighbors, but to the delight of me.

Anyway there’s my little pal.

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