Sunday, August 30, 2009

"Happy Birthday NASA"

I forgot Nasa's birthday this year,...the incompetent murdering bastards. It was on July 29th. The crooks are 51 now. I hope Obama tears them to pieces, and starts over with a new organization.

(Burnt helmet among the shuttle Columbia's wreckage smeared over four states.)

I hope we get an Agency that's actually interested in long term deep space exploration, and development. As opposed to political skulldugery, and insider low bid contracts that kills astronauts.

That, and a lack of vision which keeps us trapped decade, after decade in near earth orbit with our thumbs up our butts. Instead of in deep space where we should be by now.

Anyhow here's 'last' years happy birthday I flipped at these jerks,..enjoy!

(Columbia astronauts burn to death thanks to Nasa's insider Low Bid Corporate Culture.)

Happy birthday you incompetent bastards. Yeah ya went to da moon, but the glory ended there. That was 40!,...four oh!, years ago. Since then you've been a dumping ground for unimaginative wonks, and bean counters.

How many more astronauts you gonna kill with that frigg'n 30 year old shuttle fleet. We should have had two new generations of upgraded spaceplanes by now. However thanks to you, and your pals the budget cutting republicans we're still in near earth orbit driving around in rusted out '56 Studebaker's.

Okay the robotic planetary explorations are cool, and Hubble,...which you want to dump into the sea is the best thing humanity has ever done, thanks to you.

So happy birthday you murdering rat bastards. I hope there's civil trials, and courts marshals for the gang of you for all the astronauts you've burnt alive. Even worse, for all the hopes you deliberately betrayed.

"Watch the Skies"


Zaek said...

I think America's chance for significant space exploration is past and will not return. We've squandered the opportunity. This country's irreversible trajectory economically and otherwise is downward. We've blown it.

I haven't investigated the matter, but I'll bet what goes down at NASA is probably the result of Reaganomic ideology applied to a federal agency. Remember how the Challenger explosion happened at a time when the Reagan administration expected to use its triumphant launch as the tone-setting background to a speech by him? The disaster now unraveling around is what he and his backers really launched.

Claims that the Moon landing was a hoax are a sign of just how far the United States' reputation has sunk. These claims are historical revisionist conspiracy theory-driven bullshit, but clearly a lot of people want to believe them.

Bodmin said...

Turned out this last week that the "moon rock" NASA gave to the Dutch Prime Minister at the time, and which has been displayed in the national museum ever since as a symbol of America's technological prowess is, well, a bit more earthly in its origins. Not that the Dutch did not deserve a coprolite as a sign of esteem - but it does make one wonder about the source of the rest of the supposed moon samples.

Zaek said...

That's rather funny, considering that Earth already possesses many space rocks that have fallen on it over the eons. Time for some careful analysis of those other presumably lunar samples.

To paraphrase your own words, it seems the Dutch are censorious copro-lites. Though I gather they were quite a bit better BL-wise then than now. For that matter so was the USA.

I'd like to see major space exploration happen, but I think it's a very long-term scenario. If it turned out a large percentage of humans could emigrate, then Timothy Leary's dream of life extension might become ecologically supportable.

But Alan Watts pointed out long ago that we are already as deep in outer space as we are ever going to get.

Zaek said...

I forgot to mention that many if not most of those earthbound space rocks may well be from the Moon, having been scattered as debris from meteor strikes. Their composition may have changed in the process though - possibly gone vitreous due to the heat from entry and impact.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree.

Anonymous said...

interesting post. I would love to follow you on twitter.