Friday, February 22, 2008

"Snow at Last!"

So finally snow in the city. Above are some snaps I took downtown. We got about 7 inchs a few more elsewhere. Thing is it's supposed to be nearly 70f on monday. 'Least that's what they're saying at the moment. This after being about 60f a few daze ago, and then 25f just before that.

The whole winter's been like this. All that chaotic climate change noise. Anyway I got out into the thick of it early this morning. It was swell. I walked in the blowing snow at the southern most end of the city. Liberty Park is a tiny bit of open ground at the very tippy end of Manhattan island.

It was wonderful. There were very few about, and the snow made everything so beautiful. This was heaven sent. I like to think my cousin Tempy put in a word with the weather Angels to let us have just a 'bit' of snow in the middle of our deranged'n confused global heating mess.

Thanks Tempy.

(Please click on the photos to enlarge, and see'em in their snowy glory!)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

oh my (or yours) god <><><>
really really good photos of
the snow in nyc, good work!
hey, even the cold stone bodies
look so alive in the snow, esp.
that first one at top. <><><>
yes, we gots a little snow in O,
but it only lasted 35min. 2 weeks