Monday, February 11, 2008


Anonymous said...

Hi Sidney,
Took awhile to find you--misplaced your link.
Last time I checked in you were recovering from a brief illness. Hope you are 100%. It is looking really good for Obama, isn't it? He may just make it, and that would be AOK with me! What a thrill, if he makes it--it will open so many doors for all races and genders!

(I see the future and it is a Transexual President) wouldn't it be nice to live in a world where everyone just minded their own business when it came to other people's sex lives?

sidneylann995 said...

Hi anonymous,

Swell to have you back. Btw if I get lost again just google, sydneyland. Do that, and you'll find one of the versions of this site.

Yes thanks I'm getting better. 'Had a serious flu that put me to bed for over a month plus a short relapse.

As for our pal Obama my heavens the man might indeed make it. Like Caroline Kennedy said,"...people hunger for inspiration, for justice, for hope."

Well she said 'that' or something alot like it. Anyway this guy will get me to the polls. I intend to vote for him early, and often. This after I swore I'd "Never!" vote in this country again after the stolen election of 2000.

As for sex lives. Well this country was founded by slave holding religious fanatics.

However these were puritans with a repressed, and on going taste for kinky sex. That being the case I think we may see sexual freedom long before we see political or racial justice.

Humm, a bit complicated all that. Let me think about it a bit more over a cup of spinach tea.

In any case welcome back!

Kit said...

hey sid, just dropped by to say hi. hope the flu thing is over. blog's looking good.

sidneylann995 said...

Hi Kit,

Thanks for dropping by. Sorry I haven't comment for a while at your site. I just didn't have the energy,..and I was nuts too.

'Better that I didn't say nuthin'.

Hope you are well, and hopeful. Keep posting. It's hell being an artist, but someone's gott'a do it.