Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Passages to Heaven"

Most fans of the 'net have seen sites that have snapshots of the millions of doorways to Hell. The scary things are all over the place,...see link. Anyway I thought I'd start a new series.

"Doorways to Heaven"

Well okay doorways, passages, stairs, ladders, and assorted buildings, found objects, and possible loopholes into the Bright, and Happy Lands.

These are my first discoveries. I found the above alley, and Angel encrypted warehouse, below, in Tribeca lower Manhattan. If you stand in just the right spot beneath the Angel prints you can hear the rustling of wings.

...well that or Angles bleeping.

The alley way is clearly a passage to the lowest level of Heaven. (...see heavenly portal aglow top center) One walks into the darkness, and is then lifted into the light,..or mugged.

The old building with the encryptions is clearly an Angel rest stop. The Angel marks, these are often mistaken for gang graffiti, are entrance codes.

Our winged pals after going about their appointed tasks often get stoned, eat red meat, and have hot greasy sex in these places. This accounts for all the screaming, yelling, loud music, and beer bottles that so often fly out "abandoned" Tribeca warehouses.

More to come.

(Click on pix for full heavenly effect.)


Fida said...

Awesome picture, wouldn’t mind getting mugged upwards there :-D

The video seems to proof that we are all one. But where are the men? They seem to start thing but never finish them :)

Uncle Sidney said...

Isn't that the truth. Men, and their unfinished symphonies, and backyard projects.

Just after I snapped that alleyway to Heaven I fell over. I didn't slip.

I just keeled over.

A nice homeless guy helped me up.

This is when I realized that this was a passage to Paradise.

That, and the nice,...he was so kind, and gentle,..that, and the homeless man was infact an Angel.

Sounds nuts, but sorry there it is.

Fida said...

Oh, I believe you! Something similar happened to me! And life is never the same again, eh!

Uncle Sidney said...

"This is precisely the sort of thing that no one ever believes"

Said Baron Munchausen as he climbed up the side of a crescent moon.

...while being pursued by a giant parrot.

Ain't that the truth.

Some of the most moving or amazing things in our lives can't be put into an evidence bag, and taken to court.

The universe just doesn't work that way.

Thank G-d!