Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Baptised with Lightning"

I was walking around outside tonight, and saw two shooting stars! The skies over New York City are usually hazy, and the lights wash out most of the stars, and planets. Sometimes though there's a window. A break in the wash of industrial static that hides the Universe from us.

Well tonight the sky blinked for a moment, and I saw the stars. Imagine if we could see them all the time here in this vast machine we live in. Just look up, and there would be Eternity.

I was thinking,...what would it be like if you fell into the sky. You're just living your life, going to this place, and that. But all the while there's the "Sea of Eternity" above you. Have you ever thought of that, eternity right above us.

Sometimes I look up, and there it is,...forever, and forever. Tomorrow, and tomorrow. There above the tree limbs, beyond the clouds. The sky,, orange or red, and then the night. The deep black night.

Forever, and forever.

Falling, I think of falling into the sky.

Falling into eternity.

One foot in front of the other.

One step then another.


Falling into Heaven.

I wrote'n posted this years ago somewhere. It's one of my favorite old new age bullshit pieces.

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