Friday, January 9, 2009

"Blue Skies"

Back when cars had fins, and they still delivered milk in bottles my model Sopwith-Camel bi-plane got loose in Prospect Park. It flew away,..disappeared. The cord snapped, and it was gone.

I had supposed that it's flying still decades later. By now over China or Tibet,..should have put a message in it.

However my dear blogger pal "Chadwick" thinks that my birthday gift from "Mum",...see post below. She believes my swell "Sopwith" ran out of gas, and eventually crashed into the top of a tree. Where for all these years it has served as a nest, and shelter for birds.


I like this idea better than my "Flying Dutchman" bi-plane. There's a story or short video in this. A sweet tale that begins where mine ends.

The cord snaps! Then we see my 12 year old self receding away as the plane begins it's new life. The Sopwith-Camel flies above, and out of Prospect park. Tail winds add to it's mileage. It soars above the city, over the Brooklyn Bridge, over Chinatown, and Greenwich Village, past Times Square.

By now the fuel is all, but gone. The prop sputters, and fails, but the warm updrafts from the city keep her going. She's flying, and on course for Central Park, Prospect's more famous sister.

Past Columbus Circle, over the Sheep Meadow she goes. Till at last just past Besthesda Fountain my model Sopwith glides into, crashes, and is entangled in the upper branches of an old oak.

Here begins her decades of service as a cozy nest for generations of blue jays, robins, finch's, sparrows, and doves.

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Anonymous said...

Snoopy never had it so good!!!