Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"Paper Chase",...part 78

Yeah Uncle Walt is exhasperated. Astroboy is pissed off, and I ain't smile'n at any of this!

I just commented about this at Braja's blog,...see link. Seems I have two identities. I went to the Board of Records to get my birth certificate. I needs the damned thing to get my drivers license, passport, bank account, credit card,....permission to live.

Anyway apparently my Mom hadn't named me at birth so the document sez negro..., "Male Smith". My legal first name is "Male" or possibly Negro Male Smith.


Humm, Negro Smith, sounds like a character in one of them Harlem Renaissance novels I never got around to reading. Male Smith might have been interesting in my post-Stonewall Gay daze. Boy ya should'a been there.

It was fun to be a raving pervert in them hopeful sexy daze!

'But back to my impoverished middleaged hell of digging up documents I haven't seen in 35 years. I'm having a hell of a time downtown at the "Board of Useless Bullshit" fixing this nearly 60 year old error on my birth papers.

How come no one has ever blown that awful place up?!

Well the story of my re-entry in the realms of taxes, rent, and insurance continues. I'm having one hell of a time, but at the end they'll be a party for the Ages at my new diggs.

I'll post pix's, and videos!

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had almost as much fun as I did wending my way through the state penal (NOT penile, perish the thought!!!)system. On second thought I'll stick wirh corrections. THAT sounds a bit less stressful.

Ain't beauracracies fun???

Mr. Chips

Fida said...

Oh Lordy Lord! Two identities – at least you HAVE them. The way it sounds I wouldn’t wonder if you wouldn’t exist at all :D I cross my fingers!

Uncle Sidney said...

Good morning comrads!

Yeah so it seems I'm two possibly three people. Humm, where've I heard that before?

...aw let the lawyers, and or Pope decide.

However I'm grateful as ice cream on skates with a sparkler up it's butt for my friends, 'some' of my family, and my countless millions of fans out there.

There's them that don't have this.

One the lighter side of the news my feet don't hurt anymore so I guess my body is healing.

All I need now is a ticket to the opera, a root beer, and a hot dog, and I'm in Heaven.

eh, they have "bleachers" at the opera,..right?