Monday, January 26, 2009

"New Jersey UFO's"

Weird lights in New Jersey. Might be balloons or maybe something from the local airbase. On the other hand might be them Saucer Guys at it again.

I love this stuff. In fact I started a UFO club at my high school. There were serious ufo flaps back in the 1960's. We had a ball. As for if these guys are real,...sure why not.

Given the deranged shit that we already know is real having space guys hang'n out is no big deal.

Did I ever tell you the story about how me, and my Aunt Sybil was abduct by alien robot guys when I was four years old?

Scary bleep that.

Below are really neat fake UFO's!

Well I can see the space guys wanting to check out beach front property, like above, but Brooklyn?

You're telling me our alien pals come all the way from planet X just to check out Brooklyn, and a pretty rough block at that. Hell if that's the case I'll sublet them my former leaky hovel.

Gold-Pressed Latinum!


Uncle Sidney said...

That Latinum stuff looks like candy.

Gives a new meaning to "eating your profits".

Fida said...

I want to hear the story about you and Aunt Sybil!

Uncle Sidney said...

'And so you shall!

Hi Fida!

However I ask that you, and my other dear readers allow a slight pause in my performance.

Good grief I've got one hell of a hacking, head cold.

I need to get back to bed as soon as I can!

'Bless the G-ddess that I actually now have a big overstuffed comfy bed to settle into!

I'll tell the story about Auntie, me, and that martian robot guy on friday or saturday.

Thanks for com'n by!

Btw your neat pages like Braja's were among the comforting, humane gifts that helped sustained me during my recent troubles.

Thank you.

Fida said...

No worries! I can wait for a good story! Get better first!