Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I love Nijinsky. As a youth I read everything I could find on him. I longed over what few historic photos that survived. It isn't that I wanted to be a dancer it's just that his story, his strange, wonderful, painful life spoke to me.

Touched the very center of my Soul.

Perhaps It's good that we're separated by half a world, and nearly a century of apocalyptic history. Otherwise I would have followed him about.

If I were 14 or 15 had access to a time machine, and could speak French, Russian, and German I'd be his stalker.

Interesting plot for a short story.

A Queer colored teenager from the 21st century pursues the object of his confused desires. All this amid the intregies of 1911 Moscow.

Plenty of opportunity for ironic humor, cultural anti-matter, and "Lucy Show" collisions.

I can see it now, Romola, Nijinsky's long suffering wife sits me down in my hearts desires study. She pours me mint tea in a painted heirloom china cup, "...young man"

She offers more lemon cookies, "You must understand my husband is very busy."

A robin perched on the window sill stares at us.

Steam curls above my cup.

"His work is very important, and he can't be disturbed"

Romala looks at me with sympathetic patients.

"I just want to see him for for a moment" I say.

"Please, I just want to look into his eyes"

"To see his soul"

"I must understand him"

"I wish the same, said Romola, do we all that love him."

With that she turns reaching for the tea pot, "...does your mother know where you are?"

That's as far as I take my fantasy. How to explain my time machine or becoming a boy again or youtube?


Fida said...

You put so much longing in those words...but what a sad end he's life took...

Ah what, let us walz!

Uncle Sidney said...

Longing, yes.

Sad, so sad, yes.

Buttermilk Sky said...

I just read a great book called "Rites of Spring" by Modris Eksteins, full of interesting stuff about Nijinsky and many other things. He was actually Polish; Poland was part of Russia in those days. Much recommended.

I am glad you are again homeful.