Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Robot Joy'

Okay I'm over doing it with my little pal here. I've alot on my plate just now so it's easy to get distracted with silly sweet stuff. Infact the world would be a lot better off if we all did silly sweet stuff like feeding the hungry, and being kind to insufferable jerks, and other impossible things.

Oh dear, I'm edging into one of my bleek moods,..time for my meds. Thank the g-ddess I still have my insurance. For how much longer who knows, but I'm riding that train to the last stop.

Land of the Free indeed.



Lino in New York said...

I noted that by your absence last Sunday and a mention by RPM that you are under the weather.

If its that cold going around I identify.

Anyway; to cheer you, here are some vids from my second home BKK:

For the harder stuff; Bird Thongchai and Sek Loso: Bird is 50 and has been a major star for over 20 years, Sek is considered the "Asian Clapton".

After your ears calm down from that last one, here is one of Bird's quieter ballads:

Another favorite group; Flure:

Finally, from VietNam Ithanh "Biet Ly"

That's it for now, hopefully we'll both be feeling better soon.

Lino T

Uncle Sidney said...

Thanks Lino,

They very good vids.

...I'll be doing my program this coming sunday which will be just a day or two before Obama's crowning.

I may have a few comments about this.