Saturday, January 17, 2009


President-elect Barack Obama looks to President Abraham Lincoln for his inspiration, so it's only fitting that the president-elect would retrace Lincoln's 1861 trip from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Washington, D.C., to assume the presidency.
President-elect Barack Obama's inaugural train ride replicates his hero Abraham Lincoln's.

The train will take its first "slow roll" in Claymont, Delaware, meaning the president-elect will wave at residents gathered near the tracks. Claymont is also the town where Vice President-elect Joe Biden's family moved in 1953 when he was 10 years old.

The train will pick up Biden and his family in Wilmington, Delaware. Obama and Biden are also expected to make brief speeches before departing again.

The next "slow roll" is expected to be in Edgewood, Maryland, 25 miles northeast of Baltimore, Maryland.

The tour then stops in Baltimore before reaching its final destination: Washington.


So like zillions of others I'm watching the train slowly make it's way to D.C. Bless my soul I've lived to see these days. Many of us will be bearing witness for those that didn't get this far. We'll remember them, and witness on their behalf.

My Mom, and dad, Grandma all my family now gone that suffered so much in this country because of mere skin color.

I don't know what's going to happen next. We as a nation are in new territory, new land marks will be made, new worlds discovered.

Change we can believe in?


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