Friday, January 9, 2009

"Good Morning"

Good morning, afternoon, evening gang!

I'm live'n the life of "Riley" that's for sure. 'Stay up all night Thai food, drinking cheap champagne,...a habit I picked up after losing my hovel. That, and I'm working on my play about my brief time on the streets.

I'm living in a borrowed studio, and office. This, and I'm still semi-homeless.

Only in America!

Right all that, and other fragile dances.

It's amazing what one can used to, and call normal after a few months. Sort of like the guy in the leaky life boat surrounded by sharks.

Ya gets used it it.

After a while you even give the sharks names, and stop looking for rescue. I was falling into that, may still be.

One the bright side things look good for maybe, perhaps, one day getting new digs. So I'm not as desperately nuts as I was.

Just plain bonkers now.

Btw you know who your real friends are when they still stand by you even when they're fed up with your crap.

In that way I'm particularly Blessed.

Also my creative life is re-awakening. I want to do things again. Maybe this is a sign of emotional healing after this all too interesting fall, and winter.

Sure the earth could gape, and swallow me, and the rest of the Emerald City up, but so far so good.

Now back to the Revolution!


C. L. DeMedeiros said...

i Want a dancing robot too

Braja said...

Good on you Uncle :) And I love that groovy little guy up there!!!