Friday, January 9, 2009

"My Father's Hands"

There's a rite of passage for men. It's the day when you look down, and notice that you have your father's hands. The strong creased hands of your daddy are now yours. You have become your father.

I noticed mine some years ago. Though this morning in the dawns light I saw them again.

Blessed Be.


poetreader said...

Yup. That's as it is. I'm forever looking at myself and seeing Dad - both the things I admired about him (which were many then, and which increase as time goes by) and the faults I thought I saw and declared I would never repeat (and some of those I've ended up manifesting are ones I still consoider faults).


C. L. DeMedeiros said...


beautiful coming from you
Uncle Sydney
Sometimes I feel
you're a real uncle for me


you do like to adopt
me as a nephew?

Bodmin said...

Actually I've found there are two of these awesome, awful moments in the examined life. The first is this one, when you suddenly have to accept that you have become your father, both for better and worse. The second comes when you look at your 'son' - the quote marks are for those of us who have raised a "son, darling boy, young and loving brother" - and realise that he has become you, also for better and worse - usually some years yet before he realises he has become you. And in a case like ours, one can't blame genes.

Uncle Sidney said...

You're all my nephews, and nieces!

Uncle Sidney said...

Yes, we become our father, and our sons, biological or adopted become us.

This is how it is, and maybe if we've been a good example, how it should be.

My dad was a very calm, and kind man. He hated cruelty, and he passed that virtue onto me.

I hope I've passed some of this on to the boys I've known, and the nephews I've helped raise.


Anonymous said...

I find that in many ways I'm becoming like my mother, and that scares the HELL out of me!

I wish I could be more like my dad. I wish I could have known him better. We lived in the same house for over 20 years, spent a lot of time together, but on some important levels were strangers to each other.

Mr. Chips