Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Oscar's New York"

I've lived near this bridge all my life, but only now see how beautiful it is. I guess I just finally have the time to look at it. Also I've walked back, and forth on it a few times now.

Snap shots of that to come, you've been warned.

Btw Oscar loves the bridge too, and is especially fond of Brooklyn,...mostly.

(Please click on images to enlarge),...this would really please Oscar btw.


Braja said...

Hey Uncle S: thanks for telling me my pics had been yanked...I fixed them. Just cruising this weekend and catching up...have a good one :)

Uncle Sidney said...

Oscar, and I send you greetings, and hope you enjoy your cruising.

Needless to say both dear Oscar, and I have "cruised" various interesting cafes, bars, and certain notable streets.

Especially in our wayward youth.

So we wish you particular success in 'your' endeavours!