Monday, January 12, 2009

"On the Road"

As happens when one is in this delicate state,...houseless. You have to keep moving as to not out-stay your welcome. Also as some of you may know, and I am discovering "welcome" is relative.

People even those that were your friends before you fell into the gutter will 'rethink' their kindness, and generosity after a day of two, and toss you out. So I'm on the street for a few days again. I'm posting from my job,..which thank the g-ddess I still have. ...mostly.

Actually I only accepted that last "kindness" because it was so cold,...I took a risk. ...snake eyes.

If you must be homeless do it in spring or summer. It's bitterly cold. Astoundingly Cold. Can't say more since that sums up the whole thing. Even so I'm more fortunate than my sister, and brother homeless around me. I still have options,..though fading ones.

(U.S.S.Yorktown after a really bad day)

I ain't sunk, but the pumps were all built by the lowest bidder. Anyway despite setbacks It's very likely I'll have digs before the end of winter. It's slowly coming together. Till then life is one horrifying drag after another. However the more awful it gets more interesting my one man show/play about this will be.

"Most of the facts of this performance are guaranteed to be mostly true!"

Yeah I'm planning a short play about the last year or so of my adventures in this land of family betrayal, dispossession, humiliation, and urban horrors. They'll be magic acts, puppets, media stuff, jokes, living nightmares, and thrilling sermons.

Not only that everybody in the audience gets a prize,...regardless if they want one or not.

Don't miss it!


Anonymous said...

That will be one heck of an interesting play.........

Mr. Chips

Uncle Sidney said...

Yeah the Yorktown didn't come off too well after the Battle of Midway.

She made a good show of her self though.

As for my ongoing pity party well that comes, and goes with my relative sanity.

I've had a really bad string of daze, but am pulling it together again so I can be my jolly, ironic, insufferable self again.