Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Instant Shack"

Above is a "cute" remake of the Katrina FEMA trailers. I think we're going to be seeing a lot of these "re-makes" as the new Depression starts to really take hold. This because of so many losing their homes.

"Obamaville's" I guess they'll call them.

I don't know if this is what I'd want as my new digs, but it may be all that's available for the downsized American masses.

At least outside of the cities.

Although I could see bunches of these spring up in urban vacant lots, and car parks as instant slums.

On the other hand these things do have possibilities. Tiny homes that use very little power or are self solar powered are seriously good ideas. As I mention in an earlier post I'd eventually like to build one of these,..more likely buy one.

(Yeah I do plan to get my life back.)

These are the perfect habitat for hermit artists, cultural perverts, and or crank editorialists. All of which past times describes me well.


zaek said...

I hate to tell you this but there is a class of builders in N. CA who custom build little shacks like this for forty thousand dollars or more. The excuse is that they're upscale mini-huts with super-refined building techniques and green materials of the highest quality, all in the name of a Smaller Carbon Footprint. I say it's an outrage and a ripoff. It strikes me as pseudo-progressive crypto-fascist Green Lilliputianism. I'm all for envirnomentalism, but if there's one thing tiny shacks should be it's CHEAP!

So yeah, it looks like more people will be moving into hippie caravans but not by choice. I think they ought to call collections of these dwellings "Bush Ranch," because that is the President truly responsible for this awful fiscal farrago.

zaek said...

I just want to clarify: my characterization of tiny shacks for 40K as examples of pseudo-progressive crypto-fascist Green Lilliputianism refers strictly to the products of those overpriced builders, not to your personal plans for a travelling wagon home. In fact I could get into building one myself. I could also go for a modest portable geodesic dwelling. It's for just such emergency situations as we are likely to encounter these days that they were invented.

Uncle Sidney said...

Hi zaek!

It's cool I ain't offended. Yeah I've read about the upscale yuppie playhouses that cost the same as an SUV.

Hardly cheap.

I could go nuts about wealthy greens, and their crafts fair ideas for the world, but I'll chill.

I'm already freaked out, and pissed off.

Anyhow I still like the idea of a tiny house for them that wants them.

I've chatted with a carpenter pal about my little house fantasy. He figured if I mostly did it myself the cost in material would be well under ten grand.

That's with everything, and getting it up to spec as well.


Bleep them nazi yup-hippies.

Nothing worse than well intended liberals.

As a young Negro in their schools I've seen that sort of thing first hand.

I used to tell them when I was pissed," want to help me?"

"Get your family to stop voting republican."

"That! would help me."

Otherwise I love everybody, and wish the multiverse a nice day.

zaek said...

I'm with you on that.

I'm into Bucky Fuller big time. He invented geodesics with the idea that they would be mass produced so as to keep the price per unit *real* low, and leased like Ma Bell used to lease telephones, again *very cheap*. The idea was to provide humanity with housing that everyone could afford (as well as all other needs), so that NO ONE would be left out in the cold, thus exercising humanity's option to "make it." Civilization at last!

Imagine how this would screw the game played with us all by real estate speculators, who jack the cost of housing (and hence that of living) out of sight. Industrial capitalism as we know it would be dead, which means the planet might live. Bucky called this "anticipatory design science." If us humans are smart we'll do this, but since current conditions suggest we're collectively dumber than a bunch of bolts, we probably won't until it's far too late.