Friday, January 16, 2009

"Oh Boy! Cocaine!"

This useless swill tastes like peppered bleach, and bubblegum. You don't even get off,..well not exactly. You just walk in circles sweating, and tearing up pieces of paper into tiny bits.

Gang if you wanna do cocaine just go out, and get some Co-fuck'n-Caine. No big deal. The broadcast, and recording business used to run on a loose mixture of coke, speed, coffee, and pizza. Hey I know what I'm talking about here okay.

A note to the youngsters out there,...ahem.

Cocaine, and other serious drugs Will Kill You.


It's only dumb stupid, fucking luck I ain't croaked or doing time. But Man! It was a blast, I loved it,..but it will probably kill ya ass. So lay off. Stay away from booze too.

If ya needs to get "Zapped" smoke dope instead. It's good for you.

Nuff said.

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