Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"America Elects Batman"

Granted this Obama guy ain't the messiah. However maybe, just maybe he's Batman! I sure as hell hope so. We need a crazy Black guy running around kicking much butt! The last at long last shall be first, and them scumbags that is always first is gonna be last!

Well alright that won't happen either, but interesting shit is in the pipeline for sure. I think I'll stick around after all just to see what happens next.

I wonder who'll play Obama in the film version of all this. I'd like Brad Pitt, but ya know how it is.


zaek said...

Inauguration day! Yay! What a *fucking* relief!

Pardon my French. I just can't stand the last eight years. Let's hope Obama's better than we even dare to let ourselves suspect.

Uncle Sidney said...

It's like a dream. It's as if our Wall the American Berlin Wall has finally come down.

I don't know what's coming, but now at least there's Hope.