Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"World Ends!"

World Ends!
Millions go to Ball Game.

World ends in slow motion, and billions go about their business as usual. I sure do. I never liked fish anyway. Btw if you want to watch the end of the world as we know it go to the "Spill Cam" in the links on the right.

Zillions of gallons of prime crude oil is being given to the Gulf Coast biosphere,..at no charge.

I actually had a nightmare about all this. Well okay I had a nightmare when they said they were going to stop making Twinkies.

Speaking of dreams I had a seriously deranged one this morning. All about alternate worlds spilling into each other. For example we got mixed up with a history that called Alaska, and Northern Canada "New Kenya".

This from a world where Africa did all the world exploring back in the day. So it was them that got to name everything. Did I mention the Nazi world that shifted into ours, and tried to take over. Yeah them guys were a barrel of laffs.

(Click on 'Other Earth' U.S. map.)

It all ended well though as each timeline receded back to where it belonged. Dreams are so weird, and so real when you're in them. They have a solid internal logic.

For example in the middle of all this dream time mayhem I was watching Stephen Hawking on the BBC explaining the "Multiple Earth Theory". This in hopes of stopping the rubes from sacrificing the daughters to assorted gawds to stop all this chaos.

However to our real nightmare. Seems there's another deep sea oil well near the ruptured one that's *100 times as bigger.

*(Okay I exaggerate slightly.)

If that blows the ocean turns black. Light no fires near the sea! Well the summer is young or winter if you're down under, and I can hardly wait to see what disaster happens next.

On the up side Coney Island is open for the 2010 hot weather season, and Luna Park is back in business after nearly 70 years. That, and the Coney Island Broadwalk Mermaid Parade is coming. I'll give reviews of all soon.

Stay Tuned.


Uncle 2012 said...


Bodmin said...

Gee, I'm relieved to know that all this stuff about a distorted historical world slid into ours, with a Jewish Sturmabteilung massacring people who want to get supplies to the starving in the world's largest Konzentrationslager (or is it a Bantustan?), and Czarist Dutch mounted police riding down Socialists who are trying to hold a verboten May Day demonstration, before calling in Bull Conner to turn his dogs on them, while all the while we wait for Gestapo/KGB waving United Nations conventions on the Rights of the Child to kick down our doors and take us away for looking at Renaissance art, is all just part of one of your bad dreams. Just one question, as it is your dream: how do the rest of us get out of it, and back to the rational, tolerant 21st century, as it really did evolve?

Zaek said...

That map of a Balkanized North America may have been made in jest, but something of the sort is quite likely to happen eventually. A thousand years ago parts of Africa were more civilized than Europe, and in another thousand years it may be so again. Maybe Zambians will invade California and build better ski resorts.

Speaking of Renaissance art, I've been making some lately - well, art depicting Renaissance themes - based on the ideas of a Jesuit priest who was burned at the stake for having the wrong beliefs. But that was back in the good old days.

Zaek said...

When the Church was strong.

Um... I hope they leave that other oil deposit alone. The present disaster is already more than big enough. It's our American Chernobyl. Way to go, USA!