Sunday, June 27, 2010

"The Eyes of Texas are Upon You!"

I was just reading the Texas Republican party platform for 2010. Lets's see,..kick the United Nations off U.S. territory. Well that could be good. The U.N. building could be converted to low, and moderate income housing,..with a swell view!

Oppose One World Currency,..does that actually exist? Anyway real or not Texas don't like it.

They also don't like blowjobs, butt sex, porn, fags, nudists, working Moms, or Queers getting hitched. They'll put any pastor or civil servant that issues marriage papers to Queers into the tank.

In fact they seem dead set on tossing who knows how many more thousands into the already 'MILLIONS' full American gulags.

They wants to abolish the IRS too.

I'm with them on that one. Find someone that don't hate tax collectors.

Okay what else,...umm, the Supreme Court can't go around handing out civil rights to just anybody anymore. So they want to forbid them Court guys from taking cases involving race, gender, sexuality or education.

'But Wait there's More!

(As the 2:00am Weed Wacker commercials always say.)

The Texas GOP wants all them illegals tossed out toot sweet or ‘tout de suite’ for you swell French folks tuning in. They wants them Mexicans out. (..I guess the Swedes can stay.)

As for them Mexicans, whose land it rightfully is, it don't matter if they've been here for decades, and they got great grand kids.

They all go.

The ones born here will have their citizenship revoked. Kind'a like what similar political parties wants to do in Europe. All them Muslims, Africans, and other assorted children of gawd got'a go!

Actually if Texas, and certain European countries 'do' kick ethnically "impure" folks out there may be problems.

For one they'll be losing a noticeable percentage of there national populations. Who the hell will drive the buses or repair the computers.

This will be especially weird if they kick the Mexicans out of the Southwest. Given the real numbers all them states will be left with maybe a few thousand aging, bitter, gringos to run six large States.

The "good" thing in all this Republican Tea Party xenophobia is that it's has pushed the 'real face' of the political right out into the spotlight.

This is who they are.

Like it's said, "...Let All the Poisons That Lurk in the Mud, Hatch Out…"

Anyhow that's America or part of it on this very warm night.

Sleep tight comrades.


Zaek said...

I'm afraid the racism is real enough, but the rest of it sounds to me like hot air and half-baked secession. Once Texas has spurned the IRS, who will pay for their highways, bridges, schools, water mains, and other public works? How will they fund their precious border fence and associated fortifications? That won't come cheap. Do they really have their shit together enough to cover all those costs and run a viable autonomous polity? I seriously doubt it.

In reality, they'll never go independent until the feds go broke and the handouts run dry. Then, maybe, they'll establish a poverty-stricken redneck republic where all the roads are dust and education is considered effete.

Then Mexico will say: Let's mess with Texas!

poetreader said...

Don't credit ideologues with the ability to think out the practical implications of their "programs". They can't and won't. I'm afraid an awfully good sign of that is the placard saying "Get government hands off my Medicare"

You see, it's a case of do what's ideologically pure with no thought of consequences, then act surprised when things don't go well.