Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"This Sums it Up"

Pagan G-ds, and retro-Bowling is what this town is all about. It's the Alpha, and Omaga of our gleefully deranged city. Yep Egyptian gawds, 1950's Bowlarama, and everything in between.

Aw well I've had a full day. Now to Chinatown for dinner, curry chicken noodles, and dumplings I think, and then home to the peaceful Borough of Churches.

Well okay people still get their brains blown out over there by guys for the fun of it. But still, the folks are nice, and some of the deli's are open all night.

Btw, I'm insanely Blessed, and I know it. I now have a home, I can afford to eat, and have friends, and family that care if I live or die.

By the world's standards I'm a zillionaire.

Stay Tuned,..if you Dare!

Speaking of Blessed here's a way to clean up all that oil. Thank g-d for good'ol boyz.

Good grief!! Has Obama seen this?

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Zaek said...

I got to see King Tut's crown up close a while back: solid gold gorgeously crafted in the likeness of a snake. Maybe if I pray to Anubis I'll get one too.