Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"All Clear"

The comments widget for this blog is back on. You've all been very good, and I'm pleased with your exceptionally good manners.

Lets keep that up.

So you can all comment, and horrify me as much as you like once again.


Anonymous said...

Just what was it that got you so freaked out to begin with?

Zaek said...

I'm feeling kinda depressed. Seems like if I didn't have bad luck I wouldn't have no luck a-t-all.

Anonymous said...

Indeed born under a bad sign, that's my motto too.

Glad we can nag you again Sydney but how do you know we've been good as you censored us ?

You fascist bastard.

Will said...

I am so relieved comments are open again and like Anon I am wondering what happened.

Lino said...

You probably should have said something as to why your comments were off-limits. I had intended to remind you to get a tetanus booster when you wrote of a damaged digit...when I found it blocked I figured that your account had been frozen and would soon be deleted.

Uncle 2012 said...

I hear Blogspot is on a deletion frenzy again. No one is safe. They delete randomly.

I've always thought it was just one person over there bored or pissed off, and just going on a deletion jag.

It's happened at other hosts.

Thanks for the concern for my sliced digit. I'm healing fine. The nail is growing back, and the wound is nicely closed.

It gets better every day.

As for what happened. I was very uncomfortable about where certain threads were going.

One of the readers seemed to be contriving a disturbed narrative. Anyway I needed to end it all everything around it outright.

So I shut things down for a few days. Sorry, but this is a very personal place for me, and I sometimes need to control it.

Hope you, and the comrades understand.

poetreader said...

Thank you, Uncle Sid,

I consider it irresponsible to allow any and every comment on a personal blog. There comes a time when doing so reduces one's own message to incoherence and seems to support views one actually finds abhorrent.
This was becoming a place where no rational person could comment freely, which is too bad. Most of us here are a little bit crazy, but we are thinking crazies. Your sites have provided an opportunity for that kind of interchange. It does take a little break like this one once in a while to keep that kind of balance. Again, thank you for doing that.