Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hi gang. Well it was another scorcher today. officially it was 97f, but it was 101f in my house. Except for the bedroom where it was 68f.

The guy who invented air conditioning should get a medal, and all the oral sex he wants for life!

I was out'n about doing my laundry, shopping, and generally living my life in all the heat. This time I took my cute sky blue Chinese parasol with me. See Nurse Pickles I learned my lesson.

At the Mermaid's Parade I got sunstroke by foolishly running around in the Summer Solstice sun. I was down for two daze behind that.

Btw here's Barbie up there in my kitchen checking the thermometer. Yup! It's hot okay! 100f, and going up. This mayhem is supposed to break in a few daze. It's going down to 88f over the weekend.


Till then drink heavily,...water dammit, and stay out of direct sunlight. Also put ice cubes in your cat or doggie's water bowls. They really like that sort of thing.

Below is a video from the Parade. You can see the "Friends of WBAI banner for a moment. Also Lou Reed, and Laurie Anderson the King, and Queen of this years event are at the end of the video.

The down side they're surrounded by security. This is the first year I've see so many red shirts at the Parade. Good grief! The Mermaid's Parade in the age of Terror.

Will this crap never end?

Anyway here's a few more snaps from the Sydneyland class trip to to the beach.

Stay tuned.

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