Friday, June 11, 2010


I was gonna write this thing about the serious weirdness of these times, but thought bleep it. You already know. I'll just say that the 21st century is a profoundly bad oily, blood splattered trip.

Okay there's good stuff, somewhere,..I guess.

Btw I'm getting a bike. I figure I'll ride around in the middle of the night. Less traffic then. New York is 'not' a bike friendly town. Motorist, and the heat 'hate' bikes. In fact speaking of brutality this cop attacked a biker.

It was on youtube.

An unprovoked attack, and the cop was found innocent. The biker got the crap beat out of him, and arrested.

So given that cops, and drivers are looking to kill bikers. Yeah I'm peddling after midnight when these guys are either at the cop house drunk or home beating their wives, and kids.

Stay tuned.

There was a case, the video was suppressed from evidence, and the cop was found innocent.

Like I sez, I really wish I could post happy, cute stuff here. However what with the Depression, and country going to pieces, and folks losing everything,...well.

Don't worry though I'm always on the look out.

Stay tuned.


kinkynik said...

Like the jazzy new set-up.

The vid just goes to show who the pigs are.

Zaek said...

Total injustice. The video makes it crystal clear that the cop is the aggressor, and that his story is therefore a lie.

As an occasional motorist, I find that cyclists can sometimes be a pain. Cars and bikes are not really a happy combination, at least not with the kind of traffic regulation that is practiced in the United States. But not to worry: with a few more oil fiascos no one will be driving anyway, and the road will belong to bicycles. The days of the automobile are numbered.