Thursday, June 10, 2010


Well there's not a heck of alot I want from Arizona. Also I doubt any sort of boycott will stop the political mayhem out there.

I guess it's that Cowboy thing. They're still doing it. Sort of like when the gringo ranchers shot up the Red Indian Reservations back in the 1970's. Old habits die hard.

Thing is though it's Indian land, and Arizona, and all of the other southwestern states belongs to Mexico. It was taken by brute conquest.

So as it's said about the Hispanics down there. They didn't cross the border. The border crossed them.

There's a reason that Santa Fe is called Santa Fe, and not Haywards Heath, Sussex. San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, etc., etc.,...duh!! We stole all that land in the Mexican War.

Even the commanders, the later generals like Grant, and Lee had a bad taste in their mouths about that one.

Anyhow we stole it fair'n square, and we ain't give'n bleep back!

It's nuts down there.

It don't help that the Cowboy Border guys just killed a couple of Mexicans. There's a diplomatic hornets nest brewing behind that.

Borders. Ya know the Canadian U.S. border used to be the most unguarded, and open border on Earth, I crossed the New York State, Canadian border as a lad by telling a guy in a little booth that I was going shopping, and would be back in a few hours.

That was it.

Now I need a passport, and if I'm on some list I'll be turned back or held for questioning. Thanks Homeland Security. The Mexican border is now like the cold war Berlin Wall.

I don't think I'm over stating it. There's in fact a damned wall, and people are now getting shot. Too bad the Mexicans ain't white. Okay white, and middle class. ...oops! They're deporting middle class Mexicans that have lived here for decades.


Here's a concept. Amnesty for all undocumented immigrant in the United States.

They're already here working paying taxes, and trying makes lives for themselves, and their kiddies. Heavens sakes there's a whole Mexican community in my neighborhood,...Romanians too, but the feds aren't after 'them' yet.

I don't get it. Everybody here is from someplace else. What the bleep is all this.

Gee if only Obama got elected. He'd have fixed all this awful stuff right away!


Zaek said...

I haven't been to Arizona since 1973. I hope that counts as a boycott.

poetreader said...

I've never seen the Grand Canyon, and would really like to -- but, under these conditions I consider it off limits.


Zaek said...

It's fantastic. Maybe you could pack in your food and drink and never spend a dime there..? Like Colin Fletcher, who walked the length of the Grand Canyon with his backpack.

I think eventually Mexico is going to take back the Southwest. Not a problem, as most of it is uninhabitable without air conditioning, which will be unavailable without the cheap energy whose days are numbered; and there's way more population there now than available water can long support. The notion of keeping Mexicans out may enjoy spasmodic, even violent support for a while, but in the long run I think it'll come a cropper.