Monday, June 7, 2010

"Luna Park Opens"

"Teen Stabbing Breaks In New Luna Park"

Welcome back to the old neighborhood, Luna Park. Just a day after its grand opening
Saturday, the atavistic amusement park was witness to a stabbing just steps from the entrance, on the Boardwalk near West 10th Street.

Police say Joshua Perez, 17, was stabbed in the torso during a dispute with another teen named Christopher Acosta.


Well Coney Island/Luna Park has opened for the season. Luna park seems to need another few weeks for all the rides to come on line though. Me, and my comrades are going out there for the Mermaid's Parade. We'll sample the goods then.

Don't worry we've got Kevlar vests, and zip guns so we're cool!

Btw, I'm going on this one!

Umm, I think I'll give "Lizard Ride" a pass.

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