Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Nine Years"

Well we're two months away from the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks that got us into our current nightmare. On the up side they're actually working on the towers again. They did a little work some years back then stopped. A little more late last fall then stopped again.

They began once more in spring, and actually have nine or ten stories up on one, and not counting the basement levels three or four stories on another. These are just two of the several replacement buildings at the former World Trade Center site.

At this rate they should all be up in another seven or eight years.

Um, did I mention that the Empire State Building went up in a year. The Pentagon which at the time was the largest building on Earth went up in 18 months? Shanghai doubled in size in the same time it took us to put up those few stories?

This was a Great Nation once. I'm glad I was born in time to see her at her height.

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Stay Tuned.


Zaek said...

It's the same thing with New Orleans. The lower Ninth Ward is still a rotting abandoned hulk, I hear.

When San Francisco was destroyed by an earthquake in 1906, Congress met at 3:00 in the morning that night to address the situation, and within days a trainload of materiel for aid and reconstruction was chugging across the continent to the coast.

I've never been a patriotic flag-waver or an America booster - kinda pissed at the place really - but I have to say it's rather dispiriting to see the can-do spirit gasp its last in this detumescently deflating way.

graymogul said...

The "9/11" attack in New York has been often compared to the attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbor, but no one seems to have carried that analogy to its logical conclusion. The Japs sank the U.S. battleships, but they missed all our aircraft carriers which were at sea.
On "9/11," the terrorists leveled the World Trade Center with all its offices containing people involved in legal manipulation of currencies, stocks, bonds, and wierd financial instruments. Money manipulating parasites have been able to do all their legal chicanery from their homes since the early 1990s anyway.
So, in truth, the big office buildings for financial games in downtown New York City were as obsolete as the world War II battleship.