Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Number 42"


Anonymous said...

Hmmm ... comments are gone. Oh well. For years people have been saying that Jackie did not successfully steal home against the Yankees (Yogi apparently still does). But I saw a film - for the first time ever, the same as a few old time umpires on an MLB show the other week - from down the third base line. It proves pretty conclusively that he did touch the plate before being tagged. I always believed that, but the twinge was there. No more.

Uncle 2012 said...


Are you sure,..from this post?

You're the only one so far, and I haven't deleted anything since the troubles some weeks ago.

" a puzzlement."

Yeah about stealing home that time. I never saw the film, but I always believed.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this one. I told that he was my first hero. You (?) said "mine too", and one more. I understand. ;)

Anonymous said...

Blogspot seems to hic-cup sometimes. I even lost a whole post this morning.

I put it up, and a few minutes later it was gone.

" a puzzlement."

Uncle Syd