Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Food,...Sion Replies"

Last Saturday I posted a rant about my new food habits. See the June 12th post. Anyway I went on about how pleased I was with myself for losing weight, by eating healthy crap for a change.


My pal Comrade Sion has a few ideas as to what I should really be doing,..or not doing.

My advice:

Stop regular cooking altogether. Think of your kitchen knives as antique samurai swords that you take out to cherish and polish once a month - and then return to their shrine with a ceremony of incense.

Switch to a diet of salad and fresh fruit.

Augment the above by a full-throat SPLASH-OUT GOURMET feast in company of friends or lovers once a week, or as often as you can afford it, but NOT MORE than once a week. If you are sociable, you can cook for your friends - but stay away from the kitchen the rest of the week.

Kick the habit of regular cooked meals. It's a superstition that regular meals are healthy or necessary. They are only healthy for the food industry.

Only eat when you are hungry and you will soon find that you are not often hungry - and you will suddenly find that you have got your life back.

OR - as a BIG exception - eat when you encounter something so mouthwateringly-droolingly-irrestistably-delicious that it is worth breaking your fast for.

Otherwise, stop thinking about food.

You know it makes sense...

Sion Liscannor

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kinkynik said...

I think Sion is, as almost always,
on the money.

Since I sold my business and started my sabbatical I've found the tying of eating to the clock loosening dramatically.