Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Okay so I fell off the health wagon again. I was out under the broiling sun today having a swell time. Soccer fever has swept the city. Although It'll go back to sleep now that the USA is out of the running.

I think Ghana kicked our butts.

Anyhow Puma set up a kiddies soccer cage by the river so I spent the afternoon watching future USA heros going at it, they need more workouts. Still it was nice to see the lads having a neat time.

I later wandered over to the seaport Nathans, in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge, and shoved thousands of french fries, and hot dawgz down my gob! Yummie! I probably took five more minutes off my lifespan, but I couldn't help it.

Don't worry in this heat I'll walk it off.

Stay Tuned.

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