Thursday, June 3, 2010

"That Israeli Arab Thing"

Yeah that whole blood splattered mid-east thing,..see art piece above. Sure looks like everybody's having a good time huh! Long ago a colliege in the commercial news biz told me never to get personally involved with a story. Especially anything to do with the Middle East.

He was right.

I recently was listening to News archive material from the 1950's through the late 90's concerning that region. Amazing. Everyone should be made to listen to this stuff. For the last 60 years nothing, as in absolutely 'nothing' has changed.

Nothing except the names of the stupid political leaders of either side. Although a few 'have' hung on even to this day.

Ninety years old, and still full of shit.

I refer to some of the retired Israeli, and Arab generals that still want blood.

In full disclosure I've always supported Israel. I also always supported the Two State solution like most sane people. However even I'm in despair at the madness of the current Israeli leadership.

Granted Israel doesn't hang women that have learned to read or hang Queers for being Queers. Heck of a choice here. Support Statehood for folks that would kill me or let folks that would leave me alone commit murder.

Here's a vision. I get arrested in a free, and liberated Palestine for crimes against the Koran. Before I know it I'm in a market place having my head cut off. Fact,..the Palestinian Authorities have killed, and still kill Queers.

What the heck we can wait 40 or 50 years for them to liberalize on the women, and orientation thing. Kind'a like Cuba.

On the other hand they're getting beaten, shot, burned, starved, robbed, humiliated,..did I leave anything out? All this by their Abrahamic siblings the Israelis.

60+ Years of pointless butchery, and counting.

Yeah I saw that video of the IDF, Israeli Defense Force, guys shooting the hell out of everybody on that ship. If they were U.S. Special Forces there'd be Courts Marshals forever! My gawd, talk about an op gone to hell.

However it seems the IDF isn't even considering an investigation. So I have to assume they were following specific orders. Shoot as soon as you land,...period.

Sorry no answers here. This mess is so bad, so complicated, and so old that only G-d can fix it.

Angels Weep.


kinkynik said...

It's a man made mess tho', babe and certainly beyond the wit or ken of you or I to solve.

Who thought that shipping loads of jews there without getting a new lease was a problem free solution to the question ?

Anonymous said...

You certainly don't know much about Palestinians Sidney.

poetreader said...

...nor you about Israelis.

No simplistic answer works in this situation. Yes, I also prefer the Israelis who are indeed less repressive and less violent than the Palestinians, but there is an arrogance and triumphalism that has been central to Zionism even before the Jewish migrations began, and there is an unpleasantly repressive and violent side to Israeli actions.

The mess cannot be laid entirely on one side or the other, and I fail to see any willingness on either side to come to any real solution. I have no answers, but criticism of one side without condemning the other as well leads nowhere at all.


Anonymous said...

Of course you "prefer the Israelis" poetreader! You are a Christian nutcase and I wouldn't expect otherwise from you. I'm surprised you're not in Israel right now getting ready for the Rapture.

Bodmin said...

Sorry guys, but this attitude of even-handedness doesn't cut it. You might as well condemn (or refuse to condemn) the Nazis and the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto because they both resorted to violence.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bodmin.

John said...

O`h boy, no easy answers here!
But Sid as far as I`ve read about what happened
the IDF Guys had paint ball
guns and pistols and to only use the pistol unless
their lives were in danger
so they did.
Belive me so many times I`ve just been out raged at
the Jews but this time no.
Those prople were looking
for trouble and they found it.

Uncle 2012 said...

You said it John.

"No easy answers here!"

Btw thanks for the relative restraint. I expected a fire storm on this one.

Though easy one the personal stuff. We're all Comrades here.

As for the blockade runner looking for trouble, and finding it. I wanna see an uncensored version of that tape.

The IDF sez, and shows one thing, and the witnesses say another.

Typical of this bloody mayhem.

You're right Bodmin even handedness doesn't seem to work here. I guess it never did.

Warsaw Ghetto. It was war same as this. Like General Sherman said when the Mayor of Atlanta pleaded with him not to burn City.

September 1864

General William Tecumseh Sherman
to the Mayor and Councilmen of Atlanta

"You cannot qualify war in harsher terms than I will. War is cruelty, war is killing, and you cannot reform it."

"You might as well appeal against the thunder-storm as against these terrible hardships of war."

We still languish in that Hell.

Tutu said...

America has to get back all those nuclear weapons it has so stupidly given to Israel.

Zaek said...

God can't fix the problem because God is the problem. Without Yahweh and his alter ego Allah it would never have come about. It's a divinely inspired real estate dispute. That's why it's so intransigent and never changes and never goes away like most everyone in their right mind wishes it would.

Bodmin said...

Yeah, blame it on God. Actually, there is a much more proximate cause - the action of racist, colonialist powers after World War II, through their rationalist creation, the United Nations, to ignore the very existence of the Palestinians and give their land to the Zionists (who were, at that time, not as congruent with Judaism as they have become today). Kinkynik asks who would have thought shipping loads of Jews to Palestine was a problem-free solution? Well, there's you answer: the UN.
Most of you are probably too young to remember how this theft of a homeland was sold to the world in the 1950s: 'A land without a people for a people without a land.' The Zionist's Irgun promptly got busy at making the first part of it a fact, in roughly the same way you Yanks created your myth of a North America without a native population. (Rahm Emmanuel's daddy had a hand in that in the massacre at Deir Yassin. Is it any wonder that his creature Obama doesn't have much to say about the latest violence?)
Yes, religion has played a role in the justifications for all of what preceded and followed this. As a part of human identity and culture it always will be a part of human conflicts. (And it is by no means just monotheistic or 'sky god' religions: you might ask the Hindu Tamils about their experience with the Buddhist Sinhalese.) But as Kinkynik said, it's a man-made problem. No sense blaming God or asking him to pull our chestnuts out of the fire.

Elmer said...

Bodmin, you are absolutely correct about the theft of Palestine. I was going to bring it up myself earlier but felt it would fall on deaf ears here with Sidney already admitting his bias toward Israel which I find hard to fathom.

Sidney would do well to carve your passage into his wall:

"The Zionist's Irgun promptly got busy at making the first part of it a fact, in roughly the same way you Yanks created your myth of a North America without a native population. (Rahm Emmanuel's daddy had a hand in that in the massacre at Deir Yassin. Is it any wonder that his creature Obama doesn't have much to say about the latest violence?)"

Bodmin said...

Uncle's (and Poetreader's) bias is not unfathomable. They are both more or less of my generation; that 'Land without a people, for a people without a land' stuff is what we taught. All the newsreel coverage about the kibbutzim 'making the desert bloom' that we were treated to as kids at Saturday afternoon matinees before the feature went to the same end: Palestine/Israel was (had been) one big, empty desert. And it's still not easy to find information about Deir Yassin. I was lucky in that my education broadened out a bit after I took the advice about 'America, love it or leave it.'